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Fri Dec 15 14:40:48 PST 2006

Thomas E. Spanjaard wrote:
YONETANI Tomokazu wrote:
But sometimes random commands(ls, sysctl, ...) dump core and fail.
Or ld command reports corruption of libraries when I try to build
a new kernel.  On SMP kernel it happens more frequently.  On UP kernel,
if I switch to a UDMAxx mode using natacontrol command, core dumping
occurs more frequently.
Hmm, I'm not seeing any corruptions (yet?) on my SCSI test system.
After some pointers from Simon, I tried chrooting to one of the disks. 
Surprise surprise, I get the same shit you're getting. Also, when 
booting and mounting root from a{,c}d0, this shit happens randomly. 
Sometimes it thinks si_drv1 is NULL, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it 
fails the rootmount entirely, giving me the prompt again, and if you 
type `cd9660:/dev/acd0c` often enough, one of the times it'll work. 
Then, if you're lucky, /sbin/init works. Then you get rc.d stuff with 
random segfaults, and then when you're extremely lucky, a login prompt.

Normal reads and writes to partitions are no problem at all. Only when 
something tries to mmap, it sometimes works, but mostly doesn't. Is 
there something special supposed to be done by strategy routines in the 
case of an mmap? Is biodone() called too early somewhere? I don't know 
yet :/.

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