Function conflicts between kernel and libc

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Wed Dec 6 04:10:03 PST 2006

Matthew Dillon wrote:
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:Matthew Dillon wrote:
:>     There are a number of function and type conflicts between the kernel
:>     and libc that I need to deal with.  My current plan is as follows:
:I keep wondering if there isn't a cleaner way to separate namespaces.
    So do I.  But I want to use as few code tricks as possible.  Renaming
    is the cleanest solution but even I can't justify renaming simple
    string functions.
maybe we should not link libc at all?  or at least use a linker script which removes all functions from libc (won't work possibly).

i mean, what do we need from libc?

- write (syscall)
- read (syscall)
- open (syscall)
- mmap (syscall) to get pages/memory
- new VM syscalls
- maybe ioctl (syscall)
apart from that, the kernel is self-hosting anyways.  maybe it will be less effort to not use libc functions that to rename all overlaps.  actually, i'm sure about that.

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