Are we ready for ZFS?

Emiel Kollof coolvibe at
Wed Dec 6 06:15:25 PST 2006

15:01 <@corecode> our vfs is ready for zfs, i guess
15:03 <@coolvibe> corecode: you sure about point #2?
15:03 <@corecode> IF there is an obstacle, you can fix it on the go
15:03 <@corecode> what's missing?
15:04 <@corecode> we have a namecache and a buffer cache
15:04 <@corecode> what more do you want

Is this true? Is someone already working on a port? Are there any 
hurdles left? What's keeping us?

Who wants to help port this baby when there are no objections?

Death to all fanatics!

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