System downtime wednesday for maintainance.

Jonas Trollvik jontro at
Wed Aug 16 15:54:16 PDT 2006

I had no problems configuring apcupsd as I did a month ago using
pkgsrc on DragonFly.
Im using a BackupUPS Pro 1400 with a custom made smartups serial cable.
relevant aucupsd options I used were
UPSTYPE smartups
DEVICE /dev/ttyd0
Would be nice if we were able to use the killpower command after disk
syncing, however this might be hard to accomplish with the current
shutdown sequence.
Jonas Trollvik
On 8/16/06, Matthew Dillon <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
   This is going to take longer then I thought.  I've already spent 2 hours
   trying to figure out why the apcupsd port doesn't work.  I finally
   tracked it down to yet another ./configure script screwup.  configure
   is unbelievably broken.  It decided that since it didn't know what
   OS DragonFly was, that it wasn't going to bother configuring the serial
   port's baud rate.
                                       Matthew Dillon
                                       <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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