fishy messages in HEAD

Sascha Wildner saw at
Fri Apr 14 06:23:04 PDT 2006

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:644, I've changed them back to 666.
:I have to add that I did get a panic upon shutdown after the last 
:rebuild (incorporating Matt's latest set of changes in sys/kern and 
:sys/vfs) but somehow I'm unable to produce a dump on that machine. Now 
:that you've mentioned it, I guess the /dev/null issue was due to the 
:machine not shutting down properly.

    Did you do a make installworld or make upgrade prior to the crash /
    improper shutdown?  
Yes. I had done the following:

1) quickworld/kernel, installkernel/world and upgrade with WANT_KERBEROS.

2) Noticed that I still had WANT_KERBEROS in my make.conf, removed it 
and did another build/install/upgrade without WANT_KERBEROS (without 

3) Tried to reboot and it crashed. I should've checked the backtrace but 
didn't. :\

4) Upon coming back, /dev/null had wrong permissions.

    What release were you running prior to the update?
The system was running HEAD without your most recent commits to sys/vfs 
and sys/kern (starting with rev. 1.21 of ntfs_subr.c).



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