newer vnode ops

Chris Csanady cc at
Sat Apr 1 14:31:20 PST 2006

Actually, I started work on converting the NFS vnops, but haven't done
much with it since around new years.  I have it basically working, although
the code handling the sillyrename is incomplete.  Also, I am still not entirely
certain that the vnode locking is done correctly.

I got a little ambitious in an attempt to make the sillyrename also work for
directories, and be transparent on the client, but hit a few snags.  I think it
could still work, but it would be more involved and perhaps not worth the
extra complexity.

If there is any interest, I can share my work in progress.  I will at least try
to get the code working on preview again.


On 4/1/06, rick at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <rick at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As I was bashing away at nfs_vnops.c, I noticed that there is a replacement
> for lookup and a comment w.r.t. new vnode ops. Are these doable now?
> (I'm wondering if I can do the new ones or should bash away on the old
>  stuff for creating/deleting stuff?)
> btw, if anyone is interested in seeing what I do to hook into my newer
> nfs client, just email and I can pass along the "bits-de-jur" nfs_vnops.c.
> (Not useful for anything yet, though:-)
> Thanks in advance for any info, rick

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