Prelminary bug web interface now up - for testing only.

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Sep 23 10:26:22 PDT 2005

:Matthew Dillon wrote:
:>    Ok, preliminary testing can be done:
:Should the "assigned" field be available to normal users?  I'd think
:either it should be clearly marked as "optional", or only committers
:should be able to set it, others should merely be able to see whom
:it's been assigned to.

    Yes, but once the bug has left the 'New' state only the assignee
    and admin account can change it.  When we go live for real all 
    existing committers will have admin access.

:Otherwise the interface looks fine.  But an important thing about a
:bug-tracking system like Bugzilla is that duplicate bugs can be marked
:/ merged so the database doesn't fill with redundant bugs (and they
:can all be marked "resolved" when the bug is resolved).  Also, bugs
:can be voted for, so that you know which bugs most bother users.
:Perhaps you have these features, only not on the bug-filing page.
:Some feature to help the user find similar bugs before filing the
:report would be useful too.

    I have a 'related bugs' table in my schema which I haven't used yet
    which is intended to serve that function.  Once I get that working I'll
    have a checkbox to 'close all related bugs' when the main bug is closed.

    I took a break last night, but today I will get the bug browser working.
    I was thinking of having some basic hotlinks to list recent bugs touched
    by, submitted by, or assigned to the user, and then some search selection
    fields (class, priority, keyword, date), and checkboxes to include 
    deferred and closed bugs.  

    I am going to introduce a discrete keyword to the schema that will 
    allow people to tag bugs with keywords and then either search on 
    those keywords or click on a keyword hotlink.  I think that might turn
    out to be the main sorting mechanism.  So e.g. someone introduces a
    kernel bug and then someone else adds a few keywords like e.g. 'VM'
    or 'VFS'.  Then someone could search on 'VM' or 'VFS' and find the bug.

    I also have a 'remember' feature in the works that will take the 
    currently displayed bug and put in the left hand menu permanently (until
    you choose to 'forget' it again), giving you a one button action to
    get to any bug you feel is important to you.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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