Prelminary bug web interface now up - for testing only.

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Thu Sep 22 07:05:33 PDT 2005

On Thu, September 22, 2005 4:49 am, Matthew Dillon said:

> 	* Attachments: uploads and hotlink downloads.  Currently handles
> 	  100% binary attachments and can retain the mime type, but probably
> 	  needs tuning to prevent it from being used by spammers/pornsters.

Since this is not unlike a wiki, it would be worthwhile to create a "view"
of edits by a given user, or within a given timeframe.  This way if a
registered or unregistered user decides to vandalize/spam across a large
number of items,  it is easier to seek out and remove those events.

What's the difference in purpose between Edit and Append?  (Other than
seeing other appends when editing?)

Release version and processor count ought to be separated - they are
related data, but it's syntactically confusing to have two separate
descriptive items in one toggle.

Can something be created in the database to associate "help topics" with
given parts of the database - specific fields, or actions?  As it stands,
explanation of the intention behind each action or piece of data is going
to have to be a separate document; having it integrated into the
application will reduce the amount of labor and time a user (especially a
casual user) will have to do for clarification.

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