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-On [20050916 15:28], Yury Tarasievich (grog at xxxxxxx) wrote:
>On 16 September 2005 01:54, Devon H. O'Dell wrote:
>> I've used JIRA in production before and it's just nice. I think that
>> if Java will run on DragonFly, there's no reason to not use it. Even
>> if it requires running a non-DragonFly machine, I think the features
>> it provides are very worthwhile.
>What's the importance of "self-hosting" or "closed-sourceness of BTS"?
>Aren't these non-issues?

They aren't non-issues.  However, given how our own website looks the Jira
front-end will be a welcome relief to people (and no, I don't think our
website framework invites one to hack on it, sorry).

>As I see it, potential reporter'd be interested in whether the bugs are dealt 
>with promptly and effectively. Potential developer or sponsor'd like to know 
>whether BTS is really helping or hindering (chosen wisely).

Seems the only requirement for a user in Jira to create an issue is to
register.  Basically the same for any bug tracking mechanism nowadays. is very nice in how it takes and
guides the use through the steps of reporting in a consistent manner.  This
is Gnome's Bugzilla customisation.  That doesn't mean I want use to use
Bugzilla, merely an example for the crowd that thinks Bugzilla is clumsy for

I am surprised no-one mentioned FlySpray:
(note that that is their *live* and own bugtracker for the project).

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