final thoughts - bug tracking system

Raphael Marmier raphael at
Thu Sep 15 01:58:55 PDT 2005

Chris Pressey wrote:

This doesn't change the fact that JIRA is closed-source.

Does anyone (besides me) have objections to this on principle (rather
than on a pragmatic basis)?
What kind of message does it send about DragonFly's commitment to
open-source, for example?  Isn't it kind of like saying to our fellow
volunteers on projects such as Bugzilla and Trac: "Well thanks for
giving back to the community, guys, but in the end we'd rather help
improve a closed commercial product than help you improve yours" ?
Open source is not a crusade. Even if we follow that metaphore, the 
DragonflyBSD project cannot fight on every front. As Bugzilla's future 
doesn't rest on DFBSD, and bug tracking system can be such a drain of 
valuable energy, the most task-adequate bug tracking system should be 
picked. Energy should be concentrated on what makes DFBSD unique. Only 
this way does it bring the most to the OSS comunity.

The company behind JIRA seems to be keen on attracting opensource 
projects by making sure JIRA is not a prison. Of course, you would still 
have hurdles in case of a switch. But you get the same with all other 
bugtracking systems. JIRA doesn't make it worst.

JIRA is a good choice

best regards


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