bug tracking system

Cedric Berger cedric at berger.to
Thu Sep 15 00:11:33 PDT 2005

Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:

Cedric Berger wrote:

I'd rather see your talents go towards making DragonFly better -- not
re-inventing a bug tracking system.

I concur as well.  We shouldn't let us sidetrack here and there.  Of 
course the easiest bug tracking system in the whole world would be a 
worthwhile goal, but after all we cannot clone ourselves.

That is in fact already an entry in the existing system (my head).  At 
least the freebsd native 1.4.2 runs flawless.

That would be FANTASTIC (and also allows bootstrap of the native JDK).

I have some changes to the linuxulator which at least allow me to 
execute `java' from the JRE and get a help screen :)

Great !!!!

Actually, I've a serious proposal: If you guys manage to fix the 
linuxulator in such a way that it implements the NPTL and the Linux JDK
1.5 works fine on it (I can help testing, debugging and with a bit of
hacking), then I'm willing to write a pretty BSD-Licensed Bug Tracking
system for DragonFly in Java/Postgresql, based on Matt specifications
(assuming it is not toooo much complicated) and import the data from
whatever system you've choosen in the mean time.

(I know about the Native JDK, and I'm willing to help on that front
too, but having the Linux JDK is still essential, because the native
version is always behind - for example, you need 1.5.0_03 for using
NetBeans profiler, and native is still at 1.5.0_00 AFAIK)

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