Bruce R. Montague brucem at
Wed Sep 14 21:17:01 PDT 2005

If I can be permited a bit of a ramble... this 
might be off in the weeds, but just from glancing 
at the MS superfetch announcement, (not counting  
the "execute in place" stuff), it seems that RSX's   
"installed tasks" have made their appearance.
"Installed tasks" were basically task images 
preloaded into memory (via an INS (INSTALL) command).
Also check out RSX's VMR (virtual MCR; MCR was the
shell) util, which was a "virtual shell" used with
respect to a system image... tasks that were
installed with INS when using this shell caused  
the task to be loaded not into the running system,
but into the system image file. Tasks could be set
to come up running at their entry points (w/o   
additional file I/O) immediatly after the kernel
came up at system boot.  Kind of like a crunched   
binary, but done through a "virtualized" loader,
not the linker.  Here's just the first random
googled URL with a not about VMR and INS (INSTALL):

 - bruce

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