bug tracking system

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at fs.ei.tum.de
Wed Sep 14 07:23:39 PDT 2005

Cedric Berger wrote:
I'd rather see your talents go towards making DragonFly better -- not
re-inventing a bug tracking system.
I concur as well.  We shouldn't let us sidetrack here and there.  Of 
course the easiest bug tracking system in the whole world would be a 
worthwhile goal, but after all we cannot clone ourselves.

I really understand the concerns about company collapse and stuff.  But 
that's not different for commercial users:  they have to live with that 
as well PLUS they need to make money even after a collapse.
If a version suits us, we don't *have* to upgrade.  And even if we have 
to switch, we can export the data in XML.

Why not do this:  select the best bug tracking system we find.  We need 
to consider usability for users and developers and flexibility.  If we 
still feel uneasy with the best product, then we need to develop our 
own.  But in the mean time we should stick with it, so that we have a 
system until our new developed one is ready to go.

How about, instead, improving the Linux emulation to make sure that
all these nice Java applications can run easily with the Linux JDK1.5?
That is in fact already an entry in the existing system (my head).  At 
least the freebsd native 1.4.2 runs flawless.

That would be FANTASTIC (and also allows bootstrap of the native JDK).
I have some changes to the linuxulator which at least allow me to 
execute `java' from the JRE and get a help screen :)

For getting java to work natively on dragonfly, we'd need some people to 
work on that front as well.

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