PKGSRC will be officially supported as of the next release

walt wa1ter at
Sat Sep 3 05:19:24 PDT 2005

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai wrote:
-On [20050902 15:43], Jonathan Buschmann (jonthn at xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
So it's a build option but the bootstrap doesn't enable that option by
default and without that pkgsrc doesn't fulfill the goal of a package
management system.for Dfly.  Probably I'm worng with that but I want to
I haven't checked pkgviews myself yet, but pkgsrc provides all the tools to
manage pkgs.
However, if one needs a more integrated handling/upgrading/etc then yes
something good needs to be developed for pkgsrc still.
wip/pkgmanager is a new attempt at an upgrade tool.  I've been making
suggestions to the author who has been very happy to have the feedback.
It's still alpha-quality at this early stage, but promising.

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