PKGSRC will be officially supported as of the next release

Andreas Hauser andy at
Thu Sep 1 09:30:20 PDT 2005

justin wrote @ Thu, 1 Sep 2005 09:34:41 -0400 (EDT):

> Could you wait until December?

I could, but i won't.
You should have spoken up when it was discussed.

In my opinion the ports/package system is one of neural parts of an OS
distribution. Comparing it to a bikeshed indicates a missunderstanding of
its importance. Not suprisingly the "bikeshed" analogy was "invented" by
a kernel hacker (phk), i dislike like no other, who can't understand that
when he messes up various kernel space things, which only cost some 10-50%
performance (phkmalloc, geom etc.), people just take it, but when he messes
up userspace stuff that cost say 2 hours times 30000 users (60000 man hours)
people complain/discuss. Anyways i think Matt only made the decision because
he thinks it needs one and the various dubious people around him.

Having a great king (Matt) and knights (hsu) is spoiled by the Jesuits.

I'm tired of discussing with Joerg (not only on the ML but on IRC too)
who seems to think, when he has no arguments, getting rude is the solution.
(Yes, i'm not a softie myself but there are certain borders you will seldom
see me cross)
I'm tired of people telling me, what i say is exactly what they think,
without them ever speaking up on the topic to show it's not only a lonely
wolf howling.

I put a good deal of work and resources on this and now it's enough.


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