FreeBSD-current 802_11 stack --> DragonFly_Preview

Andrew Atrens atrens at
Tue Sep 27 13:38:00 PDT 2005

Hi Folks,

I've re-synched my 802_11 patch with FreeBSD-current and got it integrated
into DragonFly_Preview. I'm running it at the moment, and it's working quite
The diff is here -

It's been a few months since I've written on this list - been spiked with work,
AND life lately, and at my current speed at working on this it will take
several months to finish it off.
So I'm kinda hoping someone will use my diff as a starting point or feed patches
back to me for their favourite driver / utility in order to get this thing to
the point where it can be committed.
What's left to do (in order of importance):

Wireless drivers - with the exception of ath (and perhaps wi) they're all broken
                   by this patch. that includes ndis ;)
ifconfig - I've hacked it to death. ;) Just kidding, the -current version is much
           different from what's in DragonFly - I've grabbed it wholesale from
           -current, so it will need to be pruned a bit.
wpa supplicant / authenticator - I built them out of FreeBSD-ports a while back
                                 and the builds (and the progs too) just worked.
                                 I haven't been following too closely but I'm
                                 thinking they may be in the FreeBSD base system
                                 by now.
wpa / dhcp integration - I see lots of yacking about this on the FreeBSD lists, but
                         I haven't had time to look at what's going on with it over
                         there. I'm thinking they've integrate this into their rc.
And of course, some bug fixing. At the moment there's one known bug - a trap in the
ath driver (in hostap mode) that I'm currently tracking down. Hopefully an
easy one, but it doesn't happen often, and my radios don't have enough flash
to store kernel cores so it's a matter of noticing the trap, then running out to a
tree with a laptop and serial cable in hand. ;)


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