Prelminary bug web interface now up - for testing only.

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Sep 22 01:57:25 PDT 2005

    Ok, preliminary testing can be done:

    No comments about the graphics.  I'm focusing on features for the next
    few days.  I'll get the code into CVS sometime this weekend so people
    can mess with the templates.

    The database is going to be reset on saturday!  Don't stuff real bugs


	* Account login & session management (cookie based).
	* Anonymous submissions and tracking (cookie based).
	* Basic bug lookups / bug and date prefix searches.
	* Basic auto-lookup (list bugs submitted and assigned, hotlink pushin).
	* Basic bug display.
	* Basic new bug entry.
	* Attachments: uploads and hotlink downloads.  Currently handles
	  100% binary attachments and can retain the mime type, but probably
	  needs tuning to prevent it from being used by spammers/pornsters.
	* All database schema and interfacing, the templater library, 
	  the cgi library, support infrastructure, form parsing, data 
	  sanitization, binary data representation encoding and decoding,
	  etc... all done.
	* New account creation with automatic transfer of prior anonymous
	  submissions to the new account (using the cookie to identify the
	  user).  e.g. 'lazy submitter' support.  (~30 min).
	* Edit account preferences (already laid out, ~30 min of work to

    Finished, probably has bugs:

	* Bug edit - Append new comment w/ attachments.
		     Editing of existing comments by submitter (most recent
		     only by non-administrative submiter).
		     Remove attachments by submitter.
		     Assign/reassign the bug (registered accounts with
			assignment capabilties or the current assignee).

	* Bug browsing, basic field searches.

	* Ability to request notification on new or edited bugs based on
	  bugid, priority, target states.

	* Dynamic placemarkers below the left hand menu so you can placemark
	  a bug and then go back to it later with a single click (will also
	  be used by the auto-notify mechanism to provide easy hotlinks to
	  bugs you've been notified about).

	* Administrative access to all editable elements.

	* Administrative levels.

	* Limit attachment sizes and properly handle the mime-type for
	  attachment replacments/ additions.

	* More options for making yourself available for bug assignment
	  (e.g. by class rather then just universally with a checkbox).


	* Web interface / left hand menus need to be turned into images
	  to make them look nice. 

	* Web interface, general layeout and other issues (but not until
	  all the core functionality is done).

	* Additional administrative functions, such as adding new 
	  classifications, editing user accounts, changing bug ownerships,
	  mail-based account registration verification, etc.  It's a
	  database after all, anything is possible.

	* Full keyword search interface.

	* EMail submission/append interface.

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