Looking for Statistics from DragonFly mirror sites

Janet Sullivan ciscogeek at bgp4.net
Sun Sep 4 20:49:12 PDT 2005

Matthew Dillon wrote:
    The BSD Certification group is looking for whatever long term download
    statistics we might have, and I'm rather interested myself :-).
    If any of our mirrors have such statistics, please post them or URLs
    that point to them!
How detailed are you looking for?  You can gather some of my stats from 
the links at http://www.bgp4.net/stats/usage-true/ - click on a month 
and then scroll to the "Top 10 URLs by Kbyte" section.   It doesn't 
include FTP, but most transfers are over HTTP anyway.  Looking at 
August's stats, /pub/DragonFly/iso-images/dfly-1.2.0_REL.iso.gz got 207 

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