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Janet Sullivan ciscogeek at
Mon May 23 19:16:28 PDT 2005

Of course, too much of these safeguards would lose the wiki-ness of the
wiki.  There's a number of wikis out there that get by just fine with
these issues, and I haven't seen any other spam runs on ours.
I'm not that familiar with mediawiki, but in dokuwiki its possible to 
set up ACLs for sections of the wiki.  For instance, I allow the users 
who sign up on my wiki to make changes to some pages, but for other 
pages the users must be in another group that I manually assign.  So, 
for instance, anyone can update page X, but only the admin group can 
update pages Y & Z.

Perhaps there is something like this in (or perhaps it could be added 
to) mediawiki.  That way more "official" wiki pages could only be 
modified by a select few committers.

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