The time has come for a kernel interfacing library layer

David Xu davidxu at
Mon May 9 15:36:44 PDT 2005

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:Do you mean kernel will directly write errno into userland memory?
    No, what I'm working on is a system call 'library' layer which is
    intended to be part of libc without actually being part of libc.
    The way it will work is that libc will declare a special code section
    (whether dynamic or statically linked) which the kernel will recognize
    and remap/override.  In the best case libc's code section will simply
    be a BSS section (not take up any space in the filesystem).
Linux 2.6 seems did this in similar way, I can not remember if they
put the section at fixed address or not, but kernel will select best
syscall interface, and copy the syscall code into the pages. ;-)
David Xu

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