Version numbering for release DECISION!

Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at
Mon Mar 28 01:14:21 PST 2005

Erik P. Skaalerud wrote:
My vote goes on having the pre-release branch (like RELENG_X) named 
something completely else than -STABLE. Name it -BETA instead, that will 
scare away the people who wants to have STABLE in their uname because 
they think thats more stable than a release. They are so wrong.

A new naming scheme should rather show that a release with patchlevels 
is way more stable than any pre-release branch.

I have suggested this before, and IIRC Matt somehow agreed on this.

- Erik
Yeah well, it seems Matt has already decided, see post user@

But I agree with you, they could have been named:
- alpha ,aka head
- beta ,aka stable
- release_# ,the point release
- release_addendum_# ,the continous bug/security fixes made on release_#

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