Journaling layer update - any really good programmer want to start working on the userland journal scanning utility ? You need to have a LOT of time available!

Andreas Kohn andreas.kohn at
Wed Mar 9 04:32:03 PST 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-08 at 11:22 +0800, Bill Hacker wrote:
> Rongsheng Fang wrote:
> > 
> > For a user who is familiar with unix or unix-like systems but new to
> > dflybsd, the first thing he may be trying is 'man mount' or 'man fstab'
> > if he wants to look for any fs-related options he doesn't know.
> >
> ACK, and of course the DFLY version of these man pages must include the
> new/different features. Or 'see also.'
> But I also see the point of not 'complicating' fstab - which is 
> historically perhaps more
> 'hardware' relevant.
> The DFLY potentially-distributed/exported stored-elsewhere, etc. 
> journaling seems to
> overlap into traditional turf of off-box logging, NFS, cpdup, rsync, 
> software RAID,
> (or all of the above) in one feature or another - if only 'distance'.
> The format needed to control it may not be a good fit with legacy fstab 
> layout.
> > mountctl.conf sounds relevant and neat too :)
> Perhaps the best way, but again it might be more intuitive if it were:
> 'dflymnt.conf'.
> I like the way DragonFly is going, appreciate the value of compatibility 
> with
> its 'roots', but believe that the departure in core architecture easily 
> justifies
> a more visible difference in 'sysop-land' configuration tools as well.
> Many folks can be expected to be admin on other BSD, Linux, and such as 
> well as
> DragonFly.  Forgetting which is which can bite....

Encoding "dfly" in the filename adds redundancy which will annoy you

- Porting the journaling stuff to other systems would certainly not
include the name "dflymnt.conf", but the port would call it "lxmnt.conf"
or "fbsdmnt.conf". This would add to more confusion in the long run.
Some generic name that describes the file content and intent would be
better. This is not that far-fetched, think of FireFlyBSD etc.

- Renaming DragonFlyBSD to something else would also leave you with this
dfly which you cannot change. Also not too far-fetched, think
TurtleBSD :)

Shorting the mount to mnt might also not be that good an idea, image you
remember "there was a file for configuring mount stuff, and it was not
fstab", your UN*X skills would tell you "look in /etc", but
"ls /etc/*mount*" returns nothing. "ls /etc/*.conf" would return the
filename, but it might fall through your expected search pattern more

So, conclusion: I think mount[ctl].conf is a better name.

My 2c,

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