Interested in Xen?

Sascha Retzki sretzki at
Sat Jun 11 06:44:52 PDT 2005

I am currently playing arround with Xen a lot, and it looks very sane and
promising. I'd like to know if the DragonFlyBSD folks want to work on that
(the kernel must be changed a bit to actually work under xen), or if there
is already work done.

Sidenote: FreeBSD "silently" (read: they did not post something on /. iirc)
implemented Xen support into 5.*/current, so I think it is not that much
to do. As I am generally unaware of (unix)-kernel design :( , I have no
idea how much work DragonFlyBSD would have to do.

With best regards,

Sascha Retzki

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