mirror site URL changes

Janet Sullivan ciscogeek at bgp4.net
Sat Jun 4 11:42:41 PDT 2005

Could someone please update the URLs for the BGP4.net (USA) mirror on 
the download.cgi & release1_2.cgi pages?  I'm moving the mirror to a 
different server.

For the download.cgi page the links should now be:

HTTP:  http://mirror.bgp4.net/pub/DragonFly/

FTP:  ftp://mirror.bgp4.net/pub/DragonFly/

For the release1_2.cgi page the links should now be:

HTTP:  http://mirror.bgp4.net/pub/DragonFly/iso-images/dfly-1.2.0_REL.iso.gz




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