installing jdk14 damages filesytem?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Jan 7 17:10:52 PST 2005

    I went through my mail archive but all I found was a report from
    Jerooen.  He got a 'dup alloc' inode panic a few days ago.  He was
    running a December 18th kernel.  But his and yours are it until
    we go all the way back to July.

    I rebooted my test box into single-user mode and did a manual fsck
    of all filesystems.  It came up with an unreferenced inode on /tmp,
    but all the other filesystems were fine.  I know for a fact that my
    box has fsck'd its filesystems after the contigmalloc fix went in.
    It should not have found any problems at all since the system thought
    everything was clean.

    So, I think clearly there is still a 'dup alloc' inode problem somewhere.
    I'm looking for it.

    I don't know if ESMith's problem is due to the same bug.  It's
    different from every other report I've ever gotten.


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