Kernel panic/dump: ffs_valloc (dup alloc) + request for a leaf account

Steven Looman steven at
Thu Jan 27 09:39:13 PST 2005


I finally had the change to generate a panic on my box and dump it. It seems 
the problem is in ffs_valloc. I saw several other "dup alloc" and "invalid 
pages" come by before, but they never caused a panic.

The panic occures after doing "heavy" fileio. A checkout of the source tree 
(by doing a cvsup for the first time) caused this panic. I saw it several 
times before, but never had the chance to investivate further.

(Relevant) information about the box is running:
Abit BP6 (smp, 2x celeron 500)
128MB ram

Running a stable kernel (stable-iso of yesterday, 26-1-2005), UP, NOT MP!

I'd rather not rape my upstream by putting the core on my own webserver. 
Eirik Nygaard suggested I asked for an account on leaf and put the core 


Steven Looman 

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