Question regarding proc.p_procsig

Roland Hammerle rjh at
Thu Jan 13 13:03:27 PST 2005

Hi there,

I've got a struct kinfo_proc. It is pointing to a struct proc that 
contains a pointer to a struct procsig. The pointer is not Null but 
dereferencing a member of that structure causes a signal 10.

So I was wondering if the following code is even supposed to work in 

struct kinfo_proc *pinfo;

#define PROC_SIGIGNORE  kp_proc.p_sigignore

buf->sigignore [0] = pinfo [0].PROC_SIGIGNORE.__bits[0];

where p_sigignore is p_procsig->ps_sigignore.

The above code is from libgtop2 I am trying to make run on DragonFly.

Thanks a lot,

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