Future of X10 support (tw/xtend/xten)?

Chris Pressey cpressey at catseye.mine.nu
Thu Jan 6 15:16:06 PST 2005

Does the X10 support that DragonFly inherited from FreeBSD still work? 
Are we planning on keeping it around?

The FreeBSD 5.1 release notes say "The tw driver for TW-523 power line
interfaces (used by X-10 home control products) has been removed. It is
currently non-functional, and would require a considerable amount of
work to make it work under 5-CURRENT. The xten and xtend userland
control programs have also been removed."

I also got the impression that the TW-523 hardware is practically an
antique these days, and it seems the modern hardware is easier to
interface with.  For example the CM11A is supported by the misc/heyu
port, and there is a Perl script to control the PowerLinc 1132B[1].

Anyone know?  If xten will be sticking around I'll have a go at cleaning
up the code, and if not, I won't bother.


[1] http://www.porcupine.montreal.qc.ca/software/X10-powerlinc/

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