Cannot build kernel by typing "make depend;make"

Noritoshi Demizu demizu at
Tue Aug 16 18:54:38 PDT 2005

(I just came back from my four days vacation.)

With the latest DragonflyBSD kernel source code, I cannot build kernel
by typing "make depend; make", which normally works fine for me.
Instead, I need to type "make depend; make all" today.

When I simply type "make", it tries to make ${.OBJDIR}/acpi.h instead
of kernel, because it is declared earlier than "all".
("${.OBJDIR}/acpi.h: ..." is declared in sys/conf/,
 which is included by Makefile.)

I think kernel is more appropriate than acpi.h to build by default.
So, I'd like to request to revert it.

Thank you.

Noritoshi Demizu

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