kernel panic w/ cat /dev/sndstat after switching snd_ modules

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Apr 9 12:03:13 PDT 2005

:I got a kernel panic when running:
:$ cat /dev/sndstat
:after unloading snd_via8233.ko and loading snd_via82c686.ko.  I know I
:should probably not have done this but I don't think it should crash
:the system though.  I have a core dump I can make available if need be.
:$ dmesg
:pcm0: detached
:pcm0: <VIA VT8233X> port 0xdc00-0xdcff irq 10 at device 17.5 on pci0
:pcm0: <Avance Logic ALC655 AC97 Codec>
:$ uname -a
:DragonFly [hostname] 1.1-Stable DragonFly 1.1-Stable #13: Wed Apr

    "Don't do that!" :-).

    There are probably a ton of issues with sound devices not freeing up
    their device registration on unload.


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