Stable tag will be slipped Sunday and release engineering will begin Monday

walt wa1ter at
Sun Apr 3 15:40:06 PDT 2005

On Sun, 3 Apr 2005, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     ...this will likely
>     be the *last* release that we make with subsystems still locked down by
>     the Big Giant Lock.

It's strange, even to me, how emotionally invested I am in this subject,
especially considering that I'm not a kernel developer :o/  It must be
because SMP never made any sense to me from the beginning, and your
mixture of LWKT and Messaging make it all 'just work' with no Black Arts

>     ...We still do not have an official packaging system, but David Rhodus and
>     a number of other people now have significant experience and that may well
>     dictate how we go on that...

To repeat myself:  I certainly have no objection to pkgsrc as a tool for
building and installing third-party applications.  But -- in its present
incarnation as the package *maintenance* tool of NetBSD it can't hold a
candle to FreeBSD's portupgrade.  I know David has plans for pkgsrc that
I'm not privy to.  I'd like to urge David (and his colleagues) to make sure
that any move to pkgsrc will really make life easier for the average DFly
user who just wants to update his gnome desktop while chugging a beer.
(I think that should be a major criterion for any package maintenance
system, BTW  ;o)

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