Eduardo Tongson propolice at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 16:56:10 PDT 2005

`Regarding how the DragonFly VM handles swapping and caching.
For example I have a 256m ram + 256 swap system which performs nicely
for daily tasks. If I was to add 256m ram wouldn't it be better to
turn off the swap partition.

Can swap provide performance improvements by allowing unused memory
to be replaced with often used memory?

If executables and libraries usually stay in the filesystem cache.  
When swapping is disabled and there is memory pressure are they
evicted from memory? Will it feel the same or worse as swapping if the
VM evicts from the cache instead because the programs can be read from
the disk anyway?

Does swap affect the VM's decisions?
If yes does the VM work faster or slower when swap is turned off?

Except for additional space/memory and coredumps are there other
benefits from having a swap partition?

Can swapping be tuned or regulated?

                                                    Eduardo Tongson     

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