Suggested reading for learning C?

Joshua Coombs jcoombs at
Fri Sep 10 23:01:08 PDT 2004

"Simon 'corecode' Schubert" <corecode at xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
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> nice! I already thought that we lost you on the way... :)
> wouldn't be easier to implement a prototype/proof of concept in a
> higher level language?
> anyways, the book "the c programming language" by kernighan and 
> ritchie
> and the stuff by stevens (advanced programming in the UNIX 
> environment)
> are good to start with, i think
> cheers, happy hacking
>    simon

I'm doing my prototyping with LWIP.  It provides a nice simple base 
to start mucking about.  Unfortunatly, it requires C to do so.  I'll 
need to learn it at some point anyways, so why not now? : )

Joshua Coombs 

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