APIC_IO: Broken MP table detected: 8254 is not connected to IOAPIC #0

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at wxs.nl
Wed Sep 8 01:15:20 PDT 2004

-On [20040908 03:12], Steve Shorter (steve at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>	I get this message on boot for all SMP boards/kernels for FreeBSD
>and DragonFly. If I remember correctly my research concluded it was
>nothing to worry about.

Digging from memory:

Peter Wemm was busy in the FreeBSD days of yore to work on the APIC code.
He found out that a large number of vendors didn't follow specification with
the pin layout and connection.  This message notes the problem and reroutes
the stuff for all I remember.

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