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Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Sun Sep 5 16:32:24 PDT 2004

On 06.09.2004, at 00:09, Adrian Nida wrote:
I'm running a very memory intensive php 5.0 script through apache2 on 
a recent
DragonFly build (Sept 1).  My problem is that I'm running into some OS 
limit or
something.  I'm assuming this because I have 2G physical RAM and 4G 
swap, but
apache runs out of memory waaaay before then (maybe 500MB) even though 
reports 1400M Free.

I've tried setting datasize to 'infinity' using `limits`, but that 
didn't stick
(I ran it again, and it still said datasize was limited to 524288).  I 
tried to adjust kern.ipc.shmmax to 6GB using `sysctl`, but it didn't 
make a
difference.  FYI, that variable's upper limit is 2147483647.

What can I do to give apache2 access to all the addressable memory on 
Do we have PAE? If not, can a 32 bit processor even use 2+4GB? I recall 
that some year(s) ago, people were adviced not to use more than 4GB 
totall memory on FreeBSD. Could be wrong, though.

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