finite state machine/automaton framework?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Sep 3 11:16:30 PDT 2004

:I was thinking of a system that generates C code out of a formal 
:description. This way the code wouldn't differ much from the hand 
:written one, but it would definitely be better to maintain (compare 
:for example:
:   if:
:     written_byte & WHATEVER_BITMASK
:   newstate:
:     state_program_oneshot
:   output:
:     this_var = that_var;
:     run_foo();
:   simon

    Well, there are several languages used for describing hardware and/or
    simulating hardware, but none of them are really applicable for 
    in-kernel use.

    It sounds like it would be a fun project to write a simulation language
    that can be used to implement hardware from the point of view of 
    software trying to use the hardware, rather then from the point of view
    of board design.


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