X in DragonFly

M. Schatzl lists at neuronenwerk.de
Sun Oct 31 14:45:06 PST 2004


    Sounds like the video switching is broken.  This is the first bug 
    report I've heard in a while related to video switching so it is 
    likely an X video driver issue.  It might be possible to get more
    information out of the box if you have a second machine you can attach
    a serial console to, and then see if you can break into DDB via the
    serial console after it freezes.
I didn't succeed it setting up a fully functional serial line. The 
output stops when the kernel is loaded. I cannot guess why.
See http://www.neuronenwerk.de/console.png

    Alternatively it might be possible 
    that the 'freeze' is in fact a panic.  If it is a panic and you have a
    dump device set up the system might be able to dump the kernel core to
    the swap partition... you would see the HD lamp light up for up to
    a few minutes (depending on how much memory the box has that needs to
    be dumped) when the box freezes.
There's no HD-lamp flickering at all. The dumpdir is empty, too. So I 
guess it's not a panic.

To assure that the reason is not my hardware, I plugged the HD into a 
VIA Epia Board and used a plain monitor instead of a TFT. Everything 
ran fine but X behaved exactly the same way.

I will try to compile X.org from scratch the next days to narrow down 
the possible reasons for this weird behaviour.


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