cross-build failure

David Frech lambda at
Tue Oct 26 23:18:40 PDT 2004

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:     I think it will work for installkernel and the upgrade target but I've
:     never actually tested it for the upgrade target.
:     We don't use mergemaster any more.  It still works but it is not being
:     maintained.

I'll try make upgrade. I think I might still be missing some bits. The
kernel boots and probes everything, mounts root partition (I assume
successfully), then it says "loading configuration files" and stops.

I already had to add MAKEDEV & MAKEDEV.local to /dev and run MAKEDEV, and
also run cap_mkdb on login.conf and pwd_mkdb on the passwd file. make
upgrade might fix something that I'm missing.

:     Generally speaking using DESTDIR= is dangerous because if you accidently
:     misspell it your make command will operate on your root directory.  If
:     you really want to use it for this purpose I recommend writing a script
:     that does all the work for you so you don't accidently misspell the
:     label.

Sounds smart. Since I was feeling paranoid, I shutdown into single-user and
remounted my "host" / and /usr readonly. If I were doing this over and over
I would definitely prefer to script it.


- David

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