Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Oct 23 00:33:09 PDT 2004

:I propose we put:
:options	SC_PIXEL_MODE
:options	VESA
:into GENERIC so that people with laptops & flatscreens can change 
:console resolution to their screen's physical resolution directly from 
:the DragonFly CD. We could also add:
:options	VGA_WIDTH90
:to enable 90 column console modes.
:Except for some additional kernel size (~21K) I see no problem with that 
:since the CD starts with a text console anyway and syscons returns 
:ENODEV if the mode the user wants to set is not available with current 

    I think this is doable as long as the default mode is left as it is.
    I don't think the vesa module makes any video bios calls on startup,
    which would be my only worry.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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