uplcom(4) problem

Rahul Siddharthan rsidd at online.fr
Sun Oct 10 21:10:24 PDT 2004

Quoting Matthew Dillon <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> :Update: it works with linux kernel 2.6.8.  (Haven't succeeded in connecting
> :yet, but it responds to modem commands.) I'll see whether the diff of 2.6.8
> :with 2.6.6 (which didn't work) and the DFly PL2303 driver make any sense to
> :me: if so, I'll try updating the driver.
>     I am going to try to find one of these PL devices on the net.

Thanks.  USB modem not needed, a USB-to-serial will cost around $10-$15 at
most, if you already have a modem.  It seems to me it's a PL2303-specific
thing: they seem to have changed something in their newer chips, the latest
linux 2.6 kernel contains the fix, the latest linux 2.4 doesn't, nor (I was
told on another list) does NetBSD.  The linux diff is not huge, but it will
take me some time to understand it: I can send it to you if that helps.
But since you're neck-deep in VFS work now, I don't want to distract you...


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