First vfs megapatch (not for the faint of heart)

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Oct 9 13:26:27 PDT 2004

:Patches cleanly, compiles, boots and runs.
:(Oh, and it's a gcc34 world I live in.)
:What are we supposed to perform as tests?
:I did a cvsup of the freebsd ports tree from
:a version back in july I had in my dfly-backup.
:(The last changes froze my system while doing
:"ls -l" and I didn't trust the data anymore.)
:No problems I could get aware of.
:I could try an nrelease e.g.
:Any suggestions?
:Sorry, if I missed a post on that topic.
:<peter.kadau at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    Well, if you want to test the patch what you want to do is exercise the
    filesystem.  Things like cvs checkouts, buildworld -j N, the filesystem
    stressers in /usr/src/test/stress, and so forth.  I'd rather not tell
    people exactly what to do because then everyone would be running the
    same tests :-)


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