DFly installer needs option to ovewrite system binaries while keep user installed programs and data

Tomaž Borštnar tomaz.borstnar at over.net
Sat Oct 9 02:21:55 PDT 2004

Matthew Dillon wrote:

    The solution, Tomaz, is for you not to use GCC-3.x snapshots or 
afaik I did not.

    In anycase, a gcc-3 built /boot/loader is what is generating the stack
    overflow.  I think all the other boot bits work with both compilers.
    Compiling and installing new boot blocks:

    cd /usr/src/sys/boot
    make clean
    make obj
    make install
I did all this via live cd and sources on disk and it worked, but I specifically set CCVER to gcc2 and made sure that stack 
protection was NOT turned on.

So it appears that this is not gcc3-only issue. It appears on another Opteron machine as well.

    disklabel -B ad0s1		(for example)
was not needed.

So it appears I need to run another script to do the steps you mentioned, but specifically with gcc2 and WITHOUT stack protection.


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