uplcom(4) problem

Brian Reichert reichert at numachi.com
Tue Oct 5 22:10:32 PDT 2004

On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 04:38:28AM +0000, Rahul Siddharthan wrote:
> The phone/internet company supplies a cable with that phone, which
> only connects to a serial (9-pin RS232) port, which my computer
> doesn't have.  So I bought a USB-to-serial connector, a noname chinese
> thing based on the Prolific PL-2303, both linux and DragonFly
> recognise it and configure a serial port (under DF it's the uplcom
> driver and the device is /dev/ucom0).  

If you can get this phone to work with that cable under with gammu,
or gnokii, then you'll be in luck.  If, however, for example, it's
a Nokia phone making use of one of their proprietory cables, then
you may be screwed.

Specifics would help, of course...

> Rahul

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