X in DragonFly

M. Schatzl lists at neuronenwerk.de
Sat Oct 30 18:34:24 PDT 2004

Hi dudes,

I think I meanwhile tested X quite exhaustivly on DragonFly. To put 
aside any doubts, I consider myself as an average user. I built both 
X.org 6.7 (XFree 4.4) and XFree 4.3 from ports and installed both as 
well as packages afterwards. Never tried to build from the original 
sources though.

I always got a graphical environment after a bit of fiddling, but also 
experienced some very strange behaviour everytime. E.g. X always froze 
my box a when I killed it with ^AltBackspace. The machine also died 
when I tried to fall back to a VT via AltFx. Same when I exited the 
Died means it wasn't accessible via the keyboard anymore nor via ssh.
The screen went just black and the only way to recover was a cold reboot.

I could derive some things that let X (and also my machine) die at 

- loading of vesa.ko
- using any cursor-icon except CORE
- Monitor Option "DPMS" set in configfile (OK, my monitor)
I've installed XFree 4.3 and X11R6.7 (XFree 4.4) on Linux and OpenBSD 
and never had any problems like those.

I'd be grateful if anybody could confirm this, since I'm not really 
sure that I'm the only one.

Thanks in advance
X config: http://www.neuronenwerk.de/xconfig

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