trouble getting memory and swap info

Glenn Johnson glennpj at
Wed Oct 27 09:48:34 PDT 2004

I am trying to get gkrellm2 working on DragonFlyBSD.  I got it to
compile and run but it does not report the memory or swap.  Well,
actually, it does report them, its just that the values are 0.  I used
the src/usr.bin/top/machine.c and the xsysinfo dfport as a guide.  I am
not at my DragonFly system at the moment but basically what I did was to
set the vmmeter and vmstats structures as defined in vmmeter.h and used
in top/machine.c, using sysctlbyname to get the information.  Is there
something else I need to do?


Glenn Johnson <glennpj at xxxxxxxxxxx>

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