Stable synchronization coming up on Tuesday

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Oct 25 10:30:54 PDT 2004

    I am going to synchronize the DragonFly_Stable tag to HEAD tonight.
    Normally I would call for any last minute work to get in before we slip,
    but in fact it isn't all that big a deal since the tag can be slipped at
    any time anyway :-)  I have successfully built the world and built and
    tested a CD snapshot and the system seems reasonably stable.  While there
    are still some known VFS issues they cannot be resolved until the
    remainder of the VFS work is completed so I'm not going to let it hold
    things up.

    I've generated a new snapshot of HEAD, dfly-20041025-current.iso.gz,
    which includes the last day or two's uncommitted patch sets as well.
    It should propogate overnight.  All in all, things look pretty good and
    it is a good time to wash away some of the uncertainty of the last
    two weeks.

    To the installer folks:  There is no need to rush the new pxe server
    feature.  When you guys feel its ready and roll a new dist we can update

    It is my intention to produce a new official 'stable' snapshot by the
    end of the week.


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