HEADS UP - DragonFly_Stable moved to head.

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Tue Oct 5 23:56:22 PDT 2004

    I've moved the stable tag to the latest codebase.  It was unfortunately
    the only way to fix the VFS memory leak.  Fortunately the latest codebase
    looks to be quite stable.  Unfortunately there may be problems with
    filesystems other then UFS and NFS, in particular unionfs and nullfs may
    not work properly.  

    I've also synced the tag with the rm -I commit and intend to further
    sync it to the current USB keyboard lockup patch when I commit that
    later this week (and any other minor bug fixes, of course).

    On wednesday I will go through the other VFS's and fix the issues that
    I have already fixed in UFS and NFS, so please don't bother posting
    bug reports for filesystems other then UFS and NFS until ~thursday
    or so.


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