ATA Patch #6

YONETANI Tomokazu qhwt+dfly at
Tue Nov 23 03:35:05 PST 2004

On Sun, Nov 21, 2004 at 04:57:16PM -0800, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :No diagnostic messages even with boot -v.
> :
> :>     Was this on Stable or HEAD ?    And was this on a machine that has
> :>     clock issues? (if so be sure to run the latest HEAD and try again).
> :
> :HEAD just after your commit to acpica5, so it should be the latest.
> :No clock issues so far, either with timer 1/timer 2.
>     Ok.  And if you don't use the ATA patch everything is ok?  Can you
>     test some to make sure that things are actually ok without the patch?
>     Just when I get Jonathon McKitrick's problem solved... ah well.  ATA
>     is a sensitive beast, that's for sure.
>     The only SATA box I have is Leaf.  I will attempt to reproduce the 
>     lockup on leaf.

Update: the lockup happens reading from an IDE drive with DMA enabled
(no mater what speed it is). Writing to an IDE drive doesn't seem
to have a problem. After I noticed this, I tried to reproduce the lockup
with dd command to perform a repeated short reads from the disk:

# dd if=/dev/ad0s1f of=/dev/null

There's a short period of time before the box becomes unresponsive,
during which pressing ctrl+T stops displaying the status(it eventually
locks up no matter whether I press ctrl+T or not). I managed to press
ctrl-alt-esc in the middle of(not sure if this is normal):

lwkt_switch(c1610b00,56,c1619360,c1610b00,d1dd9a6c) at lwkt_switch+0x112
mi_switch(c1610b00,c1610b00,3) at mi_switch+0xec
tsleep(c18556a8,0,c02524c2,0) at tsleep+0x1da
physio(c16e6788,d1dd9bdc,7f0000,d1dd9ae4,c16e6788) at physio+0x1ba
disk_putport(d1e14090,d1dd9ae4) at disk_putport+0xb5
lwkt_domsg(d1e14090,d1dd9ae4,0,0,0) at lwkt_domsg+0x1c
dev_dread(c16e6788,d1dd9bdc,7f0000,d1dd9bdc,7f0000) at dev_dread+0x53
svn_read(c16c3a00,d1dd9bdc,c17260f8,0,c1619360) at svn_read+0x103
kern_readv(3,d1dd9bdc,0,d1dd9c50,8065000) at kern_readv+0xe6
read(d1dd9c24,3,5d55f1,292,c02720e4) at read+0x69
syscall2(806002f,2f,bfbf002f,bfbffd80,bfbffd90) at syscall2+0x230
Xint0x80_syscall() at Xint0x80_syscall+0x2a

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