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Magnus Eriksson magetoo at fastmail.fm
Thu Nov 11 01:21:08 PST 2004

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Devon H. O'Dell wrote:

> The statement:
> 	vpp = &vp
> is ``dereferencing'' vp. Dereferencing effectively provides the address
> in memory of a variable.

> modfunction(int *bar)
> {
> 	*bar = 3; /* Change bar to 3 */
> 	printf("%d\n", *bar);
> 	return;
> }

> 	modfunction(&foo);

> This time, we ``dereferenced'' our variable foo (and, on a sidenote, I
> don't know why it's called dereferencing, I think it's a horrible name
> and substitute it mentally with ``grab the address of'' whenever I see

  It's called dereferencing because a pointer is a reference to something,
and dereferencing is the act of doing away with the reference
(de-referencing) and handling what is actually pointed to instead.  So the
opposite of what you said really.  Did you get enough sleep tonight?  :-)

 (but *bar = 3 in modfunction() is dereferencing bar though, if that's
what you meant.)

  I have no idea what the opposite operation (&) is called.  Referencing?


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