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Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Nov 7 14:45:40 PST 2004

:> > used in a shellscript that removes most of those.. A patch for the bin/
:> > directory can be found here:
:> Can we get this style(9) commits be done in batch for one tool at a time?
:> E.g. removal of (void) casts are just one of the typical "violations" of
:> the older code.
:Good idea, perhaps someone could make a list of all the tools in base, and then
:mark them if cleanup is needed or something like that. So we know what is left
:and when we are done.
:Eirik Nygaard

    Well, too late for that one I guess, but let me set down some policy
    for further cleanup commits.

    * The cleanups are definite desired, keep them coming!

    * No pre-commit approval is needed for general cleanups already
      discussed (e.g. the 'removing (void) casts' and 'sprintf->snprintf, 
      strcpy->strlcpy' cleanups have been discussed and are desired).

    * To ease the burden on post-reviews of the commits please commit only
      *ONE* tool at a time and only one or two tools per day.  This allows
      us those doing the post-reviews to use the commit email to track
      what has and has not been reviewed, deleting it out of their inbox
      as they go.

      Also, if mistakes are made we have time to correct them before the
      rest of the commits go in with the same problem.

    In particular, the sprintf->snprintf and strcpy->strlcpy work requires
    Joerg and I (and anyone else doing post-reviews of these commits) to
    actually bring up the whole source file and track down the variables
    to make sure the correct size is being specified.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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